Resources for Recruiting & Retaining Women in Tech

You’ve decided to hire more Women in Tech… Now what?

Tools for Removing Unconscious Bias & Diversity Sourcing

Tactics for Recruiting & Retaining Diverse Candidates:

Specialized Recruitment & Consulting Firms:

  • Awesome CoSurfaces diverse talent for tech companies [New York City]
  • Blendoor – Mobile job matching app that hides candidate name and photo to circumvent unconscious bias and facilitate diversity recruiting in tech companies
  • Paradigm – Has helped companies like Slack and Airbnb identify strategies to more effectively attract, hire, develop, and retain a diverse workforce.
  • Power To Fly – Recruitment firm specializing in remote jobs for women in tech [Global]
  • recruitHER – Full-service recruiting firm committed to connecting tech companies with diverse talent

Women’s Tech Communities

  • Chicago Women Developers – Community of women who love to code or want to learn [Chicago]
  • Ladies Who Code – Brings the brightest female minds together to code, talk tech, share ideas and innovate via global meetups & conferences [Global]
  • Latinas in Computing – Community created by and for the Latinas in computing
  • Lesbians Who Tech – Community of queer women in & around tech (and the people who love them)
  • Linuxchix – Network of women working in Linux around the world. Includes Chicas Linux, a chapter devoted to supporting Spanish-speaking women in Linux. [Global]
  • NY Tech Women – Organizes educational and social events for female technologists [New York City]
  • Systers – One of the world’s largest email communities of technical women in computing [Global]
  • Women’s Coding Collective – Community of women who create for the web [Boston, Global]
  • Women in Tech – Membership organization for women in tech [Global]
  • Women Who Tech – Brings together talented and renowned women breaking new ground in technology who use their tech savvy skills to transform the world and inspire change [Global]

Lists of Top Women in Tech

Additional Resources:

Thank you to Allyson Kapin and the wonderful community of Women Who Tech for introducing me to several of these resources.

Resources for Recruiting & Retaining Women in Tech

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